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Case Study

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Creative Direction Creative Technology Interactive & 3D Design

CLEO merges coded choreography and motion capture into an interactive opera set in a Berlin-inspired virtual space.

This pioneering project showcases the fusion of technology and contemporary dance, offering a unique immersive web experience.

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The Concept

The adventure began with an ambitious idea from choreographer Lior: to create a programmable choreography captured from five dancers, each performing with consistent start and end poses for seamless integration, and applying all of that to a custom 3D character of Cleopatra.

Faced with initial doubts, we approached the project with the spirit of explorers, venturing into unexplored technical and artistic realms and embracing the challenge with open arms.

Motion Capture

The choreographer studied the diverse movement styles of five dancers, incorporating unique sequences tailored to each style. These sequences were subsequently recorded in a motion capture studio, capturing the dancers' performances with precision and detail. This diversity in dance styles sets CLEO apart, blending various movements into a cohesive and captivating narrative.

The character, Cleopatra, marries Berlin's gritty aesthetic with a touch of science fiction, embodying the dance sequences with unprecedented precision and fluidity. Through this innovative approach, CLEO showcases a spectacular fusion of dance genres, each adding its unique flair to the virtual experience.

Virtual Environment

Our team developed an expansive virtual stage set in space, enhancing the narrative with a dynamic light installation, strobe, and smoke, transforming the scene into a dance floor reminiscent of Berlin's famed dance aesthetics and club scene.

Users can navigate through different formations and perspectives in each of the opera's four acts, with dynamic camera movements and immersive design allowing for a personalized exploration of the virtual dance.


CLEO is a shiny example of a powerful and unique collaboration between digital and dance artists.

This project achieved international acclaim and demonstrated the potential of merging contemporary dance with cutting-edge technology.

  • Creative & Technical Director Romano Casellini
  • Creative Technologist Miqueas Aguilar
  • Graphic & Character Design Paul Putzar | PPP
  • Concept & Choreography Lior Schneior | Berlin Moves
  • Motion Capture On Point Studios
  • Composition & Musical Arrangement Hisato Tsuji
  • Client Berlin Moves
ICON x Khaby Lame
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