ICON x Khaby Lame

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Case Study

Interactive Editorial Fashion


Creative Development

Known for captivating millions with his expressive, wordless gestures on TikTok, Khaby Lame's storytelling style was set to be showcased in Italy's iconic Colosseum in an exclusive front-page editorial with ICON Magazine.

This collaboration aimed to merge his unique form of communication with an innovative digital experience, promising an unprecedented project that blends the zeitgeist of TikTok with cutting-edge interactivity.

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Creative Brief

The vision was clear: to create an interactive editorial that could translate the essence of Khaby Lame's TikTok fame—his ability to say so much without words—into an engaging, immersive web experience. Set against the historic grandeur of Italy's iconic Colosseum, we sought to harness Khaby's universal appeal, bridging the gap between traditional editorial content and the dynamic, interactive digital landscape in which his audience thrives.

Our objective was not merely to present Khaby's story but to craft an experience that allowed users to feel a part of it, navigating through a digital environment that was as intuitive and innovative. This project was conceived as a journey through Khaby's world, guided by his signature gestures. By merging the age of content with state-of-the-art interactivity, we aimed to deliver a project that was unprecedented and deeply resonant with the digital-native generation.

The Solution

To bring this vision to life, we developed a rotating spine narrative structure that allowed users to navigate the story through interactive scrolling. This intuitive design enabled a seamless journey through Khaby's world, where his signature gestures were accompanied by dynamic visual and textual elements. Leveraging the synergy between HTML and WebGL, we crafted a fluid experience that responded beautifully across devices, ensuring every user could enjoy this immersive journey regardless of their access point.

Enhancing the immersive quality of the editorial, we carefully integrated an audio experience that complemented the visual storytelling. This approach created a nuanced multi-sensory experience, allowing users to not only see but feel the essence of Khaby's storytelling, thus deepening the connection with the content.


By seamlessly weaving together Khaby's expressive gestures with a carefully curated audio-visual landscape, we created an immersive web experience that resonated with users far and wide.

This project stood as a vivid showcase of the dynamic possibilities of digital media, blending the art of interactive storytelling with cutting-edge technology to captivate and engage. The enthusiastic response from users affirmed the project's success, demonstrating the profound impact of innovative storytelling that transcends traditional formats.

  • Creative Development Romano Casellini
  • ICON Digital Sara Kruger
  • Creative Direction Dirk König
  • Art Direction Lisa Maria Fessl
  • Sound Design Lina Dörsam
  • Client ICON Magazine
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