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Case Study

Immersive Storytelling Science


Outreach is a unique explorative experience inspired by the true events surrounding `Oumuamua, the first interstellar object ever observed by humankind.

This project was brought to life through a partnership between our creative team, a befriended design studio, and a journalist. Together, we embarked on an immersive journey to unravel the mysteries of this unprecedented celestial visitor, blending the realms of science, interactive storytelling, and digital innovation.

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Creative Brief

Our narrative was inspired by the discussions and theories presented in a book by a Harvard astrophysicist, which speculated on five possible origins of `Oumuamua—ranging from a simple asteroid or comet to more exotic possibilities like an ice block, a gas cloud, or even an alien artefact.

The challenge lay in presenting these complex scientific concepts in an engaging, accessible manner, encouraging users to explore and interact with the content. Our goal was to create a digital experience that not only informs but also captivates and stimulates the imagination, allowing users to ponder the vast possibilities of our universe.

The Solution

Embracing a dynamic blend of storytelling and interactive 3D design, we transformed the speculative origins of `Oumuamua into an engaging digital narrative. At the heart of our approach were interactive 3D models, ranging from natural cosmic bodies to an alien artifact, allowing users to delve into the scientific theories through hands-on exploration.

These detailed models, combined with unique visuals and micro-interactions, mirrored the awe-inspiring vastness of space, turning the exploration of `Oumuamua's mysteries into a captivating immersive adventure. Our commitment to unleashing creativity and delivering engaging storytelling ensured that Outreach not only captivated users' imaginations but also invited them to explore the boundless possibilities of our universe.


The Outreach project is a prime example of what unrestricted collaboration and creative freedom can achieve. With no client constraints and no limits to our imagination, all involved parties pushed the boundaries of their expertise to create a truly unique experience.

The project captivated its audience with its innovative approach and set a new benchmark for immersive storytelling, inspiring future creators and educators. By demonstrating the potential for art, science, and technology to coalesce into meaningful, engaging content, Outreach has laid the groundwork for future projects that seek to enlighten, entertain, and inspire through the power of collaborative creativity and digital innovation.

  • Technical Director Romano Casellini
  • Creative Technologist Miqueas Aguilar
  • Creative Technologist Eduard Fossas
  • Frontend Developer Xavier Molina
  • Creative Director Malte Gruhl | Studio Gruhl
  • Design Director Stefan Wetterstrand | Studio Gruhl
  • Author Jana Janika Back
  • Translation Todd Dennie
  • Music Rapha Campos
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