Quantum 25

Case Study

3D Motion Graphics Real Estate & Investment


Creative Direction CGI & Motion Sound Design

Quantum, known for its real estate development and investment prowess in Hamburg, approached us to commemorate its 25th anniversary.

Tasked with creating something beyond the conventional, we envisioned an elevated 3D movie that would celebrate their silver jubilee with a bang and reflect on Quantum's innovative and enduring values.

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Creative Concept

Our creative concept utilized fluid dynamics in 3D animation to represent the passage of time and the evolution of Quantum. This approach was designed to symbolize Quantum's growth, foundational strength, and adaptability in changing times.

By moulding a fluid mass into various shapes and forms, we reflected Quantum's core buildings and visually narrated the company's journey and achievements.

Visual Elements and Narrative

The story begins with an explosive transformation of the "Q" into a fluid spectacle that sets the scene for Quantum's journey. Under the close watch of the camera, this liquid canvas subtly shifts, revealing geometric shapes and fleeting images of buildings — each frame a testament to Quantum's architectural mastery and evolution.

The narrative is a carefully choreographed sequence in which the fluid mass gracefully transitions through various states, symbolizing Quantum's adaptability and growth. The climax is the reveal of the number "25," marking a quarter-century of Quantum's influence in real estate development.


Crafting this visual narrative posed a unique challenge: balancing abstract artistry with clear, impactful storytelling. Perfecting the fluid dynamics to both mesmerize and signify Quantum's 25-year journey required a harmonious blend of technical expertise and creative vision, pushing the limits of 3D animation to tell a story that was seen and felt.


The final product is a visually stunning and emotionally engaging video that exceeded Quantum's expectations. It celebrated its 25-year legacy and showcased the company's commitment to innovation and excellence in real estate development.

The video successfully communicated Quantum's message, proving that even in a sector as complex and nuanced as property development, there is room for creativity and excitement.

  • Creative Director Romano Casellini
  • CGI Artist Nicolas Ellis Brown
  • Motion & Sound Design Alberto Zampano
  • Co-Creative Director Érada Svetlana | Érada Agency
  • Client Quantum AG
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