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Case Study

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Brand Strategy Creative Development

Platoon Aviation approached us with a clear need: a standout website in the competitive landscape of private aviation.

Identifying a lack of allure and sophistication typical of luxury brands within the sector, we set our mission to elevate Platoon Aviation into desirable luxury and art realms, mirroring the expectations and appreciation of their discerning clientele.

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Creative Brief

A deep dive into Platoon Aviation's competitors unveiled a significant void in branding and web presence—the absence of the sexiness and sophistication expected in the prestigious private aviation sector. Our ambition was to transform Platoon Aviation from merely another aviation service provider into a beacon of luxury. This transformation would involve integrating the high standards, meticulous design, and detail-oriented approach that are hallmarks of top-tier luxury brands.

In a creative partnership with Studio Gruhl, we set out on a visual direction journey that would align Platoon Aviation with the luxurious essence of Tom Ford, reflecting the brand's hallmark elegance and sophistication.

The Solution

Our vision was brought to life by developing branding content and a website embodying luxury and high fashion. While our partners handled the visual branding and 3D renders, we focused on brand strategy, positioning Platoon Aviation as a luxury leader in private aviation.

The website was conceived as an interactive catalogue enriched with beautiful scroll-bound animations, art-directed viewpoints, and engaging micro-interactions. These features offered users a unique engagement experience, elevating traditional web design to a dynamic, interactive storytelling journey.


The collaboration yielded an unparalleled website for Platoon Aviation, setting a new benchmark in the private aviation industry. Its sophisticated design, coupled with captivating interactive storytelling and polished 3D renderings, not only set a new industry standard but also successfully infused luxury and high fashion into private aviation.

Through strategic brand positioning and innovative web design, we captured the attention of potential clients and brokers, redefining what is possible in a luxury aviation web presence.

  • Creative Development Romano Casellini
  • Frontend Development Xavier Molina
  • Creative Direction Malte Gruhl | Studio Gruhl
  • UI Design Klara Michalska | Studio Gruhl
  • 3D Artist Julien Pietri | Third Hand
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